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There Might Be a Cheaper Drug, But Pharmacists Can’t Tell You That
Patients may never know that there could be a less expensive way to get their medicines, since at many drug stores their neighborhood pharmacist is contractually forbidden to talk about it.
Poor oversight in Texas lets companies skimp on care for sick kids, disabled adults
Years of inept state regulation have allowed corporations to profit in Medicaid managed care, and Texas health officials have hidden the full extent of the problems from the public, the Dallas Morning News found. Essential medical care was delayed, denied or not delivered in hundreds of cases.
Lawmakers in Michigan expected to vote on repealing prevailing wage law
Republicans in the Michigan Legislature are expected to approve a petition that will repeal the state’s prevailing wage law. The law, which requires paying union-scale wages for public construction projects, has long been a target of GOP lawmakers, who say taxpayer dollars will be saved with a repeal.
Missed appeal could cost Rhode Island millions in nursing home court case
Rhode Island’s failure to file a “timely″ court appeal has opened up a budget sinkhole that could require the retroactive payment of millions of Medicaid dollars to dozens of nursing homes. The financial consequences are so potentially large they could seriously affect legislators’ plans to roll out a new state budget.
Judge temporarily blocks Iowa's 'fetal heartbeat' law while lawsuit is resolved
Iowa's fetal heartbeat law, which would give the state the most restrictive abortion regulations in the country, has temporarily been put on hold. For now, women can continue to make appointments and receive abortions prior to their pregnancy's 20th week.
New York spent $15 million to build a film hub. It just sold for $1.
A $15 million state-built film studio outside Syracuse, which promised to produce hundreds of jobs and bring Hollywood’s glitter to Central New York, hit an inglorious milestone with its sale for $1 to a new corporation set up by Onondaga County.
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