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Philadelphia Research Update
Wage Gap Widens for Philly Residents, Suburbanites
Philadelphians who work in the city earn about 55 percent of the median of the suburbanites who commute in. That gap has increased in recent years, despite strong job growth.
what's behind it?
How Has the Opioid Crisis Affected City Residents?
Nearly 3 in 10 Philly residents know someone who has died because of opioid use. Our new poll results reveal how the crisis is felt citywide.
survey findings
36% The share of 30- to 49-year-old Philadelphians who knew someone who suffered a fatal overdose.
The Cost of Commuting in Philadelphia
How do SEPTA's fares compare with those in other large cities? How do those fares affect riders of different income levels and neighborhoods? Our latest report examines this and more.
Charts, maps, more
Why Aren't More People Getting Buprenorphine?
What's preventing buprenorphine—one of three FDA-approved medications used to treat opioid use disorder—from being more widely prescribed? What policies can help increase access to the medication? Two experts discuss.
expert q&a
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