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Pacific Fish News
Act Now: End Use of Deadly Gillnets in California
We’re so close to ending destructive drift gillnet fishing in California—and saving thousands of whales, turtles, and sea lions in the process. Tell your legislator you support the Bycatch Reduction Act.
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50% Portion of the drift gillnet catch that’s discarded in the West Coast swordfish fishery
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Here's Proof That Fishery Management Is Working
This year’s “Status of U.S. Fisheries” report shows continued progress with certain populations. Only 15 percent of U.S. ocean fish stocks are classified as overfished or at a population low enough to require recovery. But there’s still more to do, Pew’s Tom Wathen and Ted Morton write in The Hill.
What‘s Needed Next
OSU, NOAA Researchers Document Widespread Methane Seeps Off Oregon Coast
Brown Pelicans, Recently Endangered, Struggle to Find Food on the Oregon Coast
Oregon Live
How Do Herring Learn to Migrate? Go to Schools
Hakai Magazine
Race to the Bottom: Impact of Deep-Sea Fishing Severely Underestimated
News Deeply
Giant Kelp: Here to Help
Hakai Magazine
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