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Environment Update
Stand Up for Dolphins, Whales, and Sea Turtles
The California drift gillnet fishery kills more dolphins and porpoises than all other West Coast fisheries combined. Vital new legislation in front of Congress could bring an end to this destructive practice. Let your legislators know you support these promising bills.
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'I Was Face-to-Face With a 15-Foot Great White'
An estimated 63 million to 273 million sharks are killed annually in commercial fisheries. In our “After the Fact” podcast episode, shark attack survivors explain why they now work to protect these important predators.
Proposed Wilderness Areas Clear Senate
Two stunning U.S. landscapes—totaling nearly 25,500 acres—moved closer to wilderness protections in the Senate last month. See why these areas are vital for recreation and wildlife.
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How Fishing Subsidies Are Speeding Ocean Decline
Too many boats are chasing too few fish: How we got here and how we can address it.
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What Are the High Seas?

More than 200 nautical miles from shore, these waters are one of the world’s greatest resources—and mysteries. They’re vital to the global ecosystem—and they need our protection.

House OKs Overhaul of Federal Fishing Laws, Loosening Limits and Expanding Angler Access. Is the Senate Next?
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Dead Dolphins, Whales and Sea Turtles Aren’t Acceptable Collateral Damage for Swordfishing
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Lawmakers Scramble to Extend Flood Insurance Before Hurricane Season Peaks
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Science Closes In on Big-Scale Fish Poaches in the 'Wild Wet'
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