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Most Federal-Offender Recidivism Nonviolent
Most national studies of recidivism have focused on state-level inmates, who make up the bulk of the incarcerated population. This overlooks the more than 54,000 offenders who leave federal prison each year. Our analysis of a new study by the U.S. Sentencing Commission offers insights federal lawmakers can use to improve public safety.

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Criminal Justice Overhaul Passes in Maryland
Maryland's sweeping new criminal justice law includes restructured sentences for some low-level offenders and efforts to reduce recidivism. The bipartisan reforms are expected to reduce the state's prison population by nearly 1,200 inmates within 10 years, freeing up $80.5 million.

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West Virginia Changes Course
West Virginia's committed juvenile population rose 5 percent from 2006 to 2011. Thanks to comprehensive reforms, the state is reversing course and investing in evidence-based policies that are expected to increase public safety while controlling costs.

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