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Why Can't We Find New Antibiotics?
What challenges do scientists face in the search for new antibiotics? Take an animated crash course and get the answer—in less than three minutes.

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Rule Could Boost Hospital Stewardship Programs
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has proposed a rule that would require hospitals to develop and maintain antibiotic stewardship programs. If finalized, these changes would represent the most significant progress to date on antibiotic stewardship in hospitals.

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What's the Path to Better Antibiotic Stewardship?
A diverse group of hospitals and long-term care facilities across the U.S. are leading the fight against antibiotic resistance. Explore our new case studies and see how institutions of various sizes, and with diverse financial and staff resources, have implemented programs with positive outcomes.

Examples of success »
Why 'Last Resort' Antibiotic Is at Risk
The discovery of pig samples carrying a gene resistant to the "last resort" antibiotic, colistin, highlights the need for data, research, and monitoring in the effort to protect public health. Without investment in these areas, answering foundational questions and finding new drugs will be very difficult.

Critical need for data »
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Fight to Save Antibiotics
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Pew is working to protect antibiotics by phasing out the overuse of the drugs in food animal production. We work with public health and food industry leaders, veterinarians, agricultural interests, academics and citizens groups who share our objective of preserving the integrity of antibiotics as a means of protecting human and animal health.
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