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Tax Revenue Recovers in Most States
Although state tax revenue increased nationally and in most states in 2015, pockets of new fiscal stress also emerged. In 16 states—including most of the nation's top oil producers—tax collections fell in the final quarter of 2015.

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Medicaid Spending Trends—Mapped and Charted
Medicaid's claim on state revenue fell in fiscal year 2014, but still represented nearly 17 cents of each state revenue dollar—the third-largest share in 15 years. What contributed to this growth, and why does the program's revenue footprint vary from state to state?

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Fact of the Matter
32   The number of states (plus the District of Columbia) that allow citizens to register to vote and upgrade their registrations entirely online.

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States' Reliance on Federal Funds Stabilizes
The share of states' revenue coming from federal grants hit a historic high of 35.5 percent in 2010, after the end of the recession.

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Ranking Startup Activity by City, State
See where entrepreneurship is flourishing in new results from the Kauffman Index of Startup Activity.
Where Millennials Are Likely to Live at Home
For the first time in modern history, the most common living arrangement for young adults is living in their parents' homes.

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Stateline Headlines
Are 'Instant Runoffs' a Better Way to Vote?
States Say 'Bah! Humbug!' to Sales Tax Holidays
Tax Credits for Ramps, Grab Bars to Help Seniors Stay at Home
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